Statex and V Technical Textiles Announce the Availability of a New Textile-Based Circuitry Technique

Statex and V Technical Textiles Announce the Availability of a New Textile-Based Circuitry Technique

V Technical Textiles, Inc. and our European Partner, Statex Produktions-und Vertriebs GmbH, and have announced the availability of a Selective Plating Technique, a joint technology developed by our European Partner Statex and Laird Performance Materials.  This technology will not only create the ability to selectively silver plate an electrically conductive pattern or circuit on to both sides of a flexible fabric substrate but literally through all three dimensions of the fabric, including top and bottom sides and the fabric in between the sides.  This has helped in the durability of the plating when subjected to multiple stretch and wash processes, which has always been a difficulty with the traditional screen printed conductive ink processes.  The new technology has passed rigorous testing involving stretching and washing cycles with no noticeable negative effects in electrical performance.

This improved technique could well be used in situations requiring low amperage flexible circuits that are particularly useful in the medical field when sensors are attached to a flexible human substrate, the skin.  These circuits will also be useful in touch-activated switches, and patch antennas in the automotive, aerospace, military, telecommunications, and smart textiles industries and in combination with other electronic devices.  Combined with “silverized yarn wires” covered with Thermoplastic PolyUrethane (TPU) to provide durable, flexible connections for these circuits, the potential uses for this new technology are almost endless.  Please contact us with your ideas for this new technology and we’ll be happy to help you design and develop your product from conception to prototype and through to production!!

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