Masks are Great to Help Prevent Passing on COVID-19, “Surfaces” Should also be Considered in your Protection Strategy as Well!

Masks are Great to Help Prevent Passing on COVID-19, “Surfaces” Should also be Considered in your Protection Strategy as Well!

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we’ve been stressing the use of Face Masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  The mass response of people beginning to do this is amazing.  V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s  Silverell® Cotton Jersey Face Mask helps to lower the chance of being infected by inhaling contaminated bioaerosols expelled by others.  The fit of these masks is better than the paper masks, resulting in better adaptation to the face and a better seal and The Silverell® Cotton Jersey Face Masks are washable, and reusable.  Wearing the masks to stop the spread of bioaerosols by breath is helping to “flatten the curve” of infection of humans by the COVID-19 virus.

VTT Silver Jersey Cotton Mask

 Silverell® Cotton Jersey Face Mask

Surfaces are Another Major Player in the Infection Process.

You have likely heard many times over the course of this pandemic the phrase “Don’t Touch Your Face”.  This phrase refers to transferring virus particles and other microbials from the surfaces present in everyday life where droplets of virus-containing bioaerosols have landed when someone expelled a breath, touched another contaminated surface (doorknob, shopping cart handle, money, or another person’s hand).  The COVID-19 virus can survive on surfaces for a time period of hours to days, depending on the  nature of the surface.  The same contamination can then be unwittingly spread directly to the mucous membranes of the face, eyes, mouth, tear ducts, or nose and sinuses by touching the face.  These are the “moist unprotected membranous routes of infection” through which the virus infects the body.

Surfaces Must be Continuously Cleansed with Antiviral and Antimicrobial Agents

Think of the number of surfaces we come into contact with daily.  There are a number of substances that will work well to clean a surface, most of them in a liquid form and containing a chemical that is capable of killing the virus or bacterial population on the surface, but they have to be sprayed on and wiped dry in order to clean the surface, making the process messy and labor intensive.  These materials work well in the home, but are sometimes hard to use when out and about.  The use of Latex or Nitrile Gloves is a commonly used barrier method to prevent the transfer of infective substances, but these gloves are one use only, become contaminated easily, and are uncomfortable to wear as the hands tend to sweat inside.  V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s  Silverell® Gloves provide a much more comfortable “full hand coverage physical barrier” protecting your hands from becoming contaminated in the same way that our masks do when you are out and about.  Silverell® Gloves are reusable and washable

Silverell® Gloves

Likewise, the VTT Silver Saniwipe can easily be carried in your pocket as it is not wet and be used  on surfaces at home and in your travels or it can also be used as a “handheld physical barrier” between your hand and the surfaces you encounter but might not want to directly touch during the day.  The VTT Silver SaniWipe Hand Sanitizer is washable and reusable.

Silver SaniWipe 

V Technical Textiles can supply you with any of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) listed above, please select the item you are interested in and click on its name to be directed to that item on our internet shopping site.

Silverell® Jersey Knit Cotton Masks

Silverell® Gloves

Silver SaniWipe

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