As of 04/17/2020, Face Masks are a Must in New York State, Buy Your Mask from Us or DIY with CDC Instructions

EMC Testing Instructions

As of 04/17/2020, Face Masks are a Must in New York State, Buy Your Mask from Us or DIY with CDC Instructions

As of Friday, April 17, 2020, New York has made the wearing of Face Masks MANDATORY in situations where Social Distancing is not easily accomplished.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. wants you to be safe during this COVID-19 Pandemic.  So, at this time, VTT will provide you with  the CDC Do-It-Yourself Instructions for making a Cloth Based Face Mask with elastic or tie retention via an active link at the bottom of this pageYou can also buy pre-cut Antimicrobial Silver Jersey Knit material for  your mask, giving you the added antimicrobial protection that silver provides, or use your own material!

If you don’t care to make your own mask, V Technical Textiles, Inc. offers its face mask, available with three styles of retention and other several types of Personal Protection Equipment for sale at its online shopping site!  Simply click the active links below to be taken to the V Technical Textiles, Inc. shopping site:

Face Mask

Our Silverell® Adjustable Face Masks are comfortable on your face, with an adjustable fit that gives a better seal than the paper masks.  There are three types of these masks available:

  • Silverell® Adjustable Face Mask-Toggle Lock Style
  • Silverell® Adjustable Face Mask-Tie Style
  • Silverell® Adjustable Face Mask -3 Bead Lock Style


Toggle Lock               Tie               3 Bead Lock


Our Silverell® Gloves are comfortable on your hand, and most importantly they create a barrier between your hands and the many contaminated surfaces that you might encounter while you are out and about, without the wet mess of spraying and wiping.  They’re washable and reusable as opposed to latex, nitrile, and plastic gloves!

  • Silverell® Gloves in Small, Medium, and Large


Barriers/ Wipes

Our Silver EnviroWipe Hand Sanitizer offers a solution that allows you to wipe a surface without the mess of wet sprays and disposal issues.  Conveniently sized, it is easily carried in your pocket, available for quick use! The EnviroWipe also can be used as a barrier between the hand and the surfaces that you encounter when your are out and about (shopping cart handles, doorknobs, etc.) in addition to a quick, dry, wipe of your hands after touching a contaminated surface!

Silver EnviroWipe

Hand Cleaner

Center for Disease Control Do-It-Yourself Instructions for Face Masks

Fabrication Instructions for Face Masks from the CDC (Center for Disease Control).  Remember, you can use the fabric in the instructions or buy pre cut Silver Cotton Jersey Knit material at our website for added antimicrobial protection!

Care Instructions for Shieldex  Cloth Face Masks -You can also use these instructions for the Face Masks you make at home!

You can become very creative making your own masks using these instructions as a guideline and making a mask of your own design!!

Use Your Head, Stop the Spread and Be Safe!!

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