Internships-Preparing the New Workforce!

Internships-Preparing the New Workforce

Internships-Preparing the New Workforce!

Internships-Preparing the New Workforce!  Most of us must take an “internship” during our training.  An “Internship” is time away from a learning environment for “real world” application training!   I had to complete several “internships” while I was in dental school for practical training.  I learned to apply things I’d been learning about in “real” day-to-day clinical situations”.  Witnessing real application of dentistry was much different than I believed it would be.  Experienced clinicians were full of methods that I never learned about in school!  My internship was a continuation of my schooling.  My mind and my hands were academically ready to practice my chosen profession, but I wasn’t “ready for prime time”!  I needed “polishing” in my profession to improve my techniques.  Surprisingly, each of my internships taught me new methods, increasing my skills.  Just applying for the internships taught me to think of things about employment that I hadn’t though much of while being in school.  These involved long-term goals, the type of practice I was interested in and being prepared to answer interview questions smoothly.

Internships-Preparing the New Workforce!  During my internships, I related to my mentors some of the “new techniques” that I had learned in school.  My internship became a “two-way street”, teaching the “old dogs” some of my “new tricks”!  After a week or so in each internship, I began to feel like a colleague!  The exchange of information was beneficial to both my mentors and to me.  I believe that my practice life was positively influenced through my internships.  Pursuing a career is based on lifetime learning!  If one doesn’t keep “tweaking” his knowledge to be in touch with current “standards of knowledge”, he will fall behind!

Internships-Preparing the New Workforce!  V Technical Textiles, Inc.  is located near Rochester, New York, an extremely technical area.  We have had great interns from several local colleges.  These colleges include Rochester Institute of Technology, Saint John Fisher University, and Finger Lakes Community College.  These “interns” become our “colleagues” during their internships.  We grow by learning, and our interns keep us learning!  Want to polish your skills?  Join VTT as an intern for a semester!

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Internships-Prepearing the New Workforce                                                                      Internships-Preparing the New Workforce

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