Face Masks-Keep them Handy!

Face Masks-Keep them Handy!

Face Masks-Keep them Handy!

Face Masks-Keep them Handy!  Well into the third year of the pandemic, we’re all ready to put our face masks away for a while!  This pandemic really caught us by surprise and changed the traditional design of face masks.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that cloth masks aren’t as effective against coronavirus as surgical masks and respirators.  The difference is in the filtration capability.  Loosely woven cloth provides the least protection, layered finely woven masks are better.  More protection is provided by well-fitting disposable surgical masks.   Better protection is provided by the KN95 masks and the best protection is provided by NIOSH approved respirators, including the N95s.  Both the KN95 and the N95 respirators remove 95% of the 0.3-micron particles from the air.  The pandemic caught United States unprepared for the sudden need of high-quality masks.

Face Masks-Keep them Handy!  In the early days of the pandemic, the value of nonwoven fabrics for use in mask fabrication was realized.  These non-woven and spunbond fabrics are much better at filtration and moisture control than woven or knitted fabrics.  The United States Government realized the need for increasing domestic production of high-quality PPE.  The Make PPE in America Act focuses on domestic production of all types of PPE.  This PPE will include surgical gowns, drapes, head covers, shoe covers and bed linens.  Domestic production will ensure that America is better prepared to respond to the next pandemic.  A new innovation that includes the presence of silver ions in the structure of the non-woven fabrics.  Silver ions have been known for years to inactivate the corona virus in 15-30 minutes.  The problem with this “silver lining solution” was getting the EPA permissions to use it in the US during the pandemic.  The silver treatment is non-toxic and meets all FDA and EU requirements but was not able to be used in the United States as “antiviral” during the pandemic.  When more companies can get EPA Approval for use of Silver, America’s masks will be even better!  In conclusion, the United States will be in much better condition with adequate stockpiles of high-quality PPE to cope with the upcoming flu season and the newest COVID variants!  Remember Winston Churchill’s quote “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”!

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Face Masks-Keep them Handy              Face Masks-Keep them Handy!             Face Masks-Keep them Handy!             Face Masks-Keep them Handy!

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