V Technical Textiles Joins with Puresa Humanitarian to Help Victims of Sex Trafficking

V Technical Textiles Joins with Puresa Humanitarian to Help Victims of Sex Trafficking

V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s Human Resources Assistant, Heather Bushart first found out about Puresa Humanitarian from Dr. David Gandell after his return from a medical mercy trip to Kolkata, India , where he worked alongside Puresa Humanitaian’s founder Giselle Meza.  Giselle’s personal experience in her life is as a survivor, which after witnessing firsthand the horrific epidemic of human trafficking occurring around the world, fired a desire within her to fight the injustice of this heinous activity.

The statistics of human trafficking are shocking and difficult to believe:  Currently there are approximately 27 million people enslaved throughout the world, with 2.5 million located in the United States.  Every two minutes a child from the United States is trafficked for the purpose of human exploitation.  The average age of sex trafficking victims is 12 years old.  Sex trafficking is one of the darkest atrocities of our time, with estimates of women and children trafficked across international borders each year ranging from 800,000 to 4,000,000.

Puresa Humanitarian’s mission is to reach, rescue, and restore children and women from the horrors of human trafficking and sex slavery and to give them hope for the future.  They accomplish this in several ways:  First, they try to use prevention programs to make people aware of the methods used by traffickers, trying to prevent the recruitment of children from their families by sex traffickers.  Second, they actively rescue women and children being forced to work in the sex trade, trapped in brothels or on the streets, offering them a safe home and aftercare.  This includes food, medical care, education and counseling, 24-hour continuous care, and a haven to help free them from a lifetime of forced prostitution and sexual enslavement.

The baselayer silver plated garments that V Technical Textiles, Inc. is donating to Puresa Humanitarian will be used in India for the soothing and healing treatment of the physical wounds received during sex trafficking:  abuse, cigarette burns, chain and rope burns, and any tissue sores.  The antibacterial, antifungal, and healing benefits of silver have long been known in the medical community and will help to ease the physical pain and prevent infection of these wounds.  The same garments are used by the military to preserve and heal the skin of their personnel when they are deployed in harsh environments and can similarly assist these victimized women with their recovery from their physical wounds.

More help and financial support are needed to help provide safe-home shelters, education, complete aftercare, medical necessities, and counseling that Puresa Humanitarian offers the victims.  If you can offer help to this worthy cause, please visit the www.PURESA.org or email:  info@puresa.org to donate and help in any way that you can.

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