Look what We’re Introducing at the IEEE MC + SIPI Symposium Booth #829 in New Orleans!

V Technical Textiles, Inc. has engineered and manufactured a portable RF shielded reverberation chamber of metalized textile material, providing a test cavity in which the electromagnetic environment is statistically Isotropic, Randomly Polarized, and Homogenous.  A metalized textile stirrer paddle is also used to yield a non-directional or diffused field inside the chamber.  The enclosure can also be used as a Vibrating Intrinsic Reverberation Chamber (VIRC).  It can also withstand and shield against High Intensity Radiated Field  (HIRF) testing.

Our reverberation […]

V Technical Textiles is Going to the 2019 IEEE International Symposium on EMC+SIPI Symposium In NOLA!! Stop and See Us at Booth #829

2019 IEEE International Symposium on EMC + SIPI  
900 Convention Center Boulevard
New Orleans, Louisiana   70130

V Technical Textiles, Inc. is traveling to New Orleans June 22-26, 2019 to attend the 2019 IEEE-International Symposium on EMC+SIPI and will be located in Booth #829.  Stop by and meet our representatives and get your free Magic Blanket! This is the Premier Symposium of our Scientific Community.  The Technical Program includes a near record number of workshop and tutorial proposals as well as an […]

Minimizing UV and RF Radiation Exposure, A Great Idea for Either End of the EMR Spectrum

UV Radiation
When I was a child fifty-five years ago, my mother often encouraged us to go outside and “get a nice healthy suntan”.  As time went on, we took it a step further and used tanning beds, as they provided the necessary UVA and UVB to get the tan.  Along the way, we also learned that there is an element of truth about being exposed to the sun being healthy for us.  Limited exposure to the sun gives the positive […]

Electronic Evidence-Secure in the Bag

It may seem strange that a textile company would be involved in Forensic Science, but it’s true!!  In today’s world, even the criminals (from “white collar” criminals to drug dealers) use computers, phones, and electronic devices to store information.  In many cases, this information can be used as key evidence in trials.  When these devices are seized with a warrant, they become part of the “Chain of Custody/Evidence”.  In legal context, this refers to the documentation or paper trail […]

As the Products Get Smaller, the Challenges of Shielding Get Bigger; New Dynamics in the RF EMI Shielding Industry

Most of the electronic devices of today are getting smaller and smaller due to the increasing tendency of the consumer to want everything to be light and portable, witness the change in size of the cellular telephone since its inception in 1973.  The size of the first cell phone ever used was 9″x 5″x 1.8″ with a weight of a little more than 2.4 pounds.  Today’s cell phones are 5″ x 2″x o.5″ and carry a fraction of the […]

RF EMI Shielding-Helping Our Systems Work Well Together

You know how it is in the workplace.  If one works in a “cubicle farm” with large open spaces and no privacy, all of the ambient noise created by co-workers makes it very hard for one to concentrate on the project at hand.  The noise and interference present in the environment make doing one’s best work much harder.  It’s nicer and more efficient to have a private office, protected from outside distraction by four walls, a ceiling, and a […]

Shielded Enclosure

Which Enclosure is Right for My Business?

Choosing the correct enclosure for your business depends on several factors:

 The size of the product(s) that is/are being tested.
 The types of tests and the tolerances/specifications required to do the testing  properly.
 The features that are required for access, ventilation, power, the “bells and whistles” that suit your individual needs.

The enclosure has to be large enough in size to accommodate the items being tested,  the instrumentation used to perform the testing, along with the number of personnel involve […]

Shielding Clothing

E-SMOG, I Can’t See It, but I Know It’s There. Should I be Afraid of It?

We live in a world full of e-smog, the term for ALL artificially produced electrical and magnetic fields as well as electromagnetic radiation.  For years, there have been concerns regarding the effects of RF and EMI on the human body.  With the proliferation of devices that emit RF/EMI radiation (cell/mobile telephoned, radar stations, cell phone towers, computers, high voltage lines, WiFi LANs, household appliances, electric motors and transformers), there is rising concern about the potential long term effects of […]