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V Technical Textiles, Inc. Named “Business of the Year” by Newark Chamber of Commerce!

V Technical Textiles, Inc. has been named “2019 Business of the Year” in Newark, New York for 2019.   The award was given at the Newark Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Dinner at the Elks Lodge on November 14, 2019.  VTT is a thirteen year old Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business, owned by Jeanne Hoge.  Jeanne’s  husband, William Hoge, is the company’s Chief Technical Officer, her son, Shawn DeCook, is the company’s Operations Manager, and her daughter, Heather Bushart, […]

Want to Protect Your Server System AND Cut Down on all the “Noise” in the Server Room? Put your Server in a Rack Cover!

When a company needs to protect its sensitive digital information, they improve their digital security by incorporating firewalls and virus scan programs into their network servers.  This is smart practice by the network administrators, but today’s criminal is always developing new techniques to steal digital information.  By eavesdropping on the wireless signal of the servers, a “digital criminal” can access a company’s most sensitive information.

You store a lot of sensitive information in your Server or Blades.  How are you […]

RFID-It’s Not Just for Inventory Management Anymore!

RFID has been around since the end of World War II.  One of the early uses of RFID was for inventory management.  The inventory was accomplished by scanning the RFID Tag, the inventory was sent to the computer, logging in the presence of the item in the available inventory.

There are two different forms of RFID Tags, each based on how the information from the RFID Tag is transmitted to the scanner.  A “passive RFID Tag” means that the tag […]

The Autonomous Car, Can Electronic Systems Defeat Human Error?

Though it seems like something totally unbelievable, a car that can take you where you want to go without your ever having to do anything more than tell it where to go, this “car of tomorrow” is already starting to become a reality.  Many major automotive companies are now offering cars with “driver assistance” as standard equipment.  These “cars of today” can help you with braking if they feel that you are closing on another vehicle too quickly, they […]

Our Metalized Textiles are used in Making “Healthy Clothing” as well as “Smart Clothing”!

Most of the time, I use this forum to write about the uses of V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s metalized textiles in reference to manufacturing and shielding concerns about RF and EMI interference generated by electronic products.  Our shielding material helps to mitigate RF/EM interference by blocking its transmission into the tight environment of electronic products to abate the interference that they produce and, at the same time, stop the RF and EM interference produced by the neighboring components from […]

Smart Clothing Requires Conductive Metalized Fabric, Yarns and Threads, How Could You Use them in Your Business?

Most of us are aware of individual sensors that are placed on our bodies to collect biometric data such as: pulse rate, temperature, heart rhythm (ECG/EKG ElectroCardioGram), respiration, oxygen saturation, muscle stretch, brain electrical activity (EEG or ElectroEncephaloGraphy), and physical movement at the doctor’s office, during surgery, or wearing a monitor to confirm the function of the system being monitored.  We can even buy sensors that we can put into direct contact with our skin to track these functions […]

Wearing “Healthy Clothing” can be Both Stylish and Good for You!

                                                         Do You Have Any of these Symptoms?

Hot Flashes/Cold Sweats
Sensitive Skin/Rashes
Circulatory Issues
Recent Surgery

Check our Silverell® Garments and Accessories!  All of our garments are made of fabrics with a high content of Silver.  Silver’s antibacterial and antimicrobial effects have long been […]

What’s in Your Wallet? Hopefully, Some Shielding Material!

In today’s world, having credit cards or electronic ID cards in your wallet isn’t secure enough protection for the personal information they carry.  You must have some sort of additional security for them there in your pocket.  When I grew up, the best security for wallets was what over the road truckers or motorcyclists had, a chain that connected their wallet to their belt or the pants that they were wearing, stopping physical thievery and that was good enough.

Today’s thief […]

Minimizing UV and RF Radiation Exposure, A Great Idea for Either End of the EMR Spectrum

UV Radiation
When I was a child fifty-five years ago, my mother often encouraged us to go outside and “get a nice healthy suntan”.  As time went on, we took it a step further and used tanning beds, as they provided the necessary UVA and UVB to get the tan.  Along the way, we also learned that there is an element of truth about being exposed to the sun being healthy for us.  Limited exposure to the sun gives the positive […]

Electronic Evidence-Secure in the Bag

It may seem strange that a textile company would be involved in Forensic Science, but it’s true!!  In today’s world, even the criminals (from “white collar” criminals to drug dealers) use computers, phones, and electronic devices to store information.  In many cases, this information can be used as key evidence in trials.  When these devices are seized with a warrant, they become part of the “Chain of Custody/Evidence”.  In legal context, this refers to the documentation or paper trail […]