The Dog Bowl Slime and Doorknob Bacteria, One Easy Antimicrobial Solution!

The Dog Bowl Slime and Doorknob Bacteria, One Easy Antimicrobial Solution!

Have you ever seen or felt the sticky material that is present in the base of your pet’s water bowl?  It looks bad to the eye and feels bad to the touch, slick and gooey all at the same time.  The material is called a “biofilm”, which means a sticky film that is home to millions of bacteria.  These bacteria, when swallowed by your pet, causing a variety of microbial infections in the pet:  urinary tract infections, middle ear infections, and bladder infections to name a few.  Another example of a biofilm is the bacterial plaque that forms normally in the human mouth every twelve hours, starting in the area where the tooth emerges from the gumline.  The bacteria that live in the dental plaque bacteria cause gum disease and decay in the human mouth.  My use of dental plaque should explain why your dentist tells you to brush your teeth at least twice a day….it takes more than a stream of water to remove the sticky bacterial plaque.  Likewise for the dog bowl, just rinsing it doesn’t remove the biofilm present, it takes physical disturbance of the biofilm to remove the sticky matrix from the bowl, usually in the form of a dishrag to remove the matrix, but there will still be bacteria present.

The second step to a clean bowl is treating the bowl with a great antimicrobial agent that will kill the bacteria without leaving a residue that will be harmful to your pet.  One of the best finishing steps is to rub the bowl with a cloth that has silver on it.  The antimicrobial properties of silver have been long recognized in the medical field.  The  Silver EnviroWipe is the perfect solution for removal of the bacteria and slow down their regrowth.  Doing this daily will also slow down the growth of bacteria on the surface.

That being said, take EVERYTHING that I said about removing the bacteria from the dog bowl with the EnviroWipe and apply it to the many surfaces that you touch with your hands daily!  Think of the bacteria that you will be able to eliminate with this product.  EnviroWipes can be easily carried in your pocket and used to wipe the hands after contact with bacterially contaminated surfaces (hands, money, shopping carts), or wipe down those same bacterially contaminated surfaces, and even act as a barrier between your hand and a contaminated surface (think ATM and Doorknob).  The best feature is that the EnviroWipe can be reused!  The EnviroWipe is cleaned with water in a mild detergent (USE NO CHLORINE CONTAINING BLEACHES OR DETERGENTS, AS THESE WILL DEACTIVATE THE SILVER SURFACE), rinsed, line dried, and is then ready to go!  To purchase EnviroWipes, read more.

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